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Museum Gherdëina

The Gherdeina Local Heritage Museum is situated right in the center of Ortisei and exhibits valuable collections related to the cultural and natural history of the Gardena Valley: precious sculptures and paintings of local artists of the last four centuries and a unique collection of ancient wooden toys of the area, spectacular minerals and fossils of plants and marine creatures testitying to the fascinating evolution and creation of the Dolomites as extensive coral reefs over 200 million years ago, as well as remarkable archaeological finds of the oldest human traces of the area.

Two very extraordinary exhibits are the richly illuminated Lenten cloth of the Saint James’ Church above Ortisei (1620) and the very impressive original cruzifix of Seurasas (1932).

The multimedial exhibition Bierjun 1490. A Secret Passion shows the tiny bedchamber room from the Bierjun farmhouse near Ortisei with very rare drawings from the Late Middle Ages. The delicate drawings on the wooden walls are shown through a digital window.

The Museum Gherdëina also houses the Archive and permanent exhibition of Luis Trenker (1892-1990), actor and director of many mountain films.



Museum Gherdëina

Cësa di Ladins, Via Rezia 83
I-39046 Ortisei/St. Ulrich (Province of Bolzano-Bozen)

T 0039 0471 797554
F 0039 0471 789798

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17.5–15.10: Mo–Fr 10–12.30, 2–6 pm
1.7–31.08: Mo–Sa 10–6 pm


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26.12 - 08.01: daily 10–12, 14–18
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closed: 24., 25., 31.12 + 01.01

Marine vertebrates from South China Triassic rocks

Opening: Monday, 27 June 8.30 p.m.
Exhibition duration: 28 June – 27 July 2016
Geological excursions: 6.07., 20.07, 27.07.2016

The rocks of Southern China yield astonishingly abundant reptile and fish fossil faunas, whose preservation is mostly remarkable.
Now for the first time in the western world we have the opportunity to admire some of these Chinese fossils, collected in the area of Xingyi. The time they lived in, the Lower/Middle Triassic (252-237 my ago), is crucial to the Mesozoic evolution of marine reptiles and fishes.

It is no coincidence this exhibition of Chinese fossils in held here in Ortisei: although quite scanty, the Permo-Triassic vertebrate fossils found in the Dolomites are of great importance. The idea is to compare the amazingly rich Chinese fossil-bearing levels with the few but very interesting specimens collected during the last 60 years in the area between the Gardena valley and the Bletterbach.

The paleontological section of the Museum Gherdëina in Ortisei shows not only the Ichtyiosaurus of the Seceda bat also some of the oldest remains of those Triassic fish taxa that later in the Triassic spread across most of the world. Particularly valuable are the Bobasatrania dental plates and the Archaeolepidotus specimen. This latter fish is the oldest ancestor of Asialepidotus, represented by some beautiful fossils in the Chinese exhibition.

Geo-paleontological excursion to Monte Seceda, led by Prof. Andrea Tintori (Università degli Studi di Milano)

Date: 27th July 2016
Meeting point: bottom station of Seceda cable-way
Time: 9.15 (we’ll get in the cable car at 9.30 sharp); back in Ortisei around 17.00 h.
Participants no.: max 30.
Requested equipment: mountain boots, raincoat

Program: Ascent to Furnes and Seceda observing the geological stratigraphy of Monte Seceda; at the end visit to the Museum Gherdeina
We’ll take the Seceda cable car to Furnes and then to Monte Seceda from which the entire stratigraphic succession is marvelously visible . By foot we’ll climb to the top of Monte Seceda, and take a look at the site where the remains of the large ichthyosaur were found. Then we’ll reach the Forcella di Pana for a view on the Odle group.
Short break for lunch at the Baita Sophie (about 1 h).
After lunch descent to the Cuca, meanwhile describing some general geological features, and then down to the intermediate station of Furnes from where the cable car will carry us back to Ortisei. Visit to the Museum Gherdeina (permanent exposition of the Permo-Triassic fossils from Val Gardena) and the temporary exhibition ‘Marine Triassic Vertebrates from South China’.

Registration fees (including insurance, cable-ways and Museum tickets):
Adults: 40 €
Students (up to 26): 30 €
Children (up to 8): free

Lunch at Baita Sophie: 10 € (speck plate or pasta) to be booked during registration

Info and registration:
Museum Gherdeina (tel. 0471 797554 or or GardenaTourist Offices.
Early registration is recommended due to the limited number of participants.